Australian Diamonds

Rare, Natural and Responsibly Sourced

Every Australian diamond is a precious original—a gem like no other. Only the Argyle Mine in Western Australia produces diamonds in such broad and magnificent array of natural colors.

For billions of years these diamonds remained dormant under the dusty red surface of Australia, waiting for volcanic eruptions to bring these once hidden gems to the surface. From there, they begin an extraordinary journey to you.

Family & Friends Story
Argyle White Diamonds

These distinctive engagement and weddings rings are responsibly sourced from Western Australia, handcrafted locally to the highest standards, possessing an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Birthday Story
Argyle Chocolate Diamonds

A unique Australian treasure that holds the prestigious title of being an Argyle Diamond. These warm-toned, vibrant pieces are suited to the creative, fashion-forward client.

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The Story

The Journey

Rough diamonds carefully extracted under the highest possible ethical, environmental and safety standards.

Assessed and sorted to their naturally-formed color and characteristics.

Master craftsmen carefully cut and polish diamonds, transforming rough crystals into breathtaking gems of all sizes.

Hand-picked jewellery manufacturers selected by the Argyle Mine apply their expert craftsmanship to create finished jewellery pieces.

Only the finest stores are authorised to distribute Australian Diamond jewellery as part of the Argyle Mine’s Chain of Custody platform.

You will receive an Australian Diamonds Authenticity Card that guarantees the provenance of your diamonds.

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