Ruby, the king of precious gems, is the birthstone for fortunate folks born in July. Whether you're showing your love for someone born in July, or celebrating a 15th or 40th wedding anniversary, there's no better gift than ruby gemstone jewellery.

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, coloured by the element chromium. All other colours of gem-quality corundum are called sapphire, which means colour is key for this royal gemstone.

Accordingly, the name “ruby” comes from rubeus, the Latin word for red. In ancient Sanskrit, ruby translated to ratnaraj, which meant “king of precious stones.” These fiery gems have been treasured throughout history for their colour and vitality.

The chromium that gives ruby its red colour also causes fluorescence, which makes rubies glow like a fire from within. Paradoxically, chromium is also what makes this gem scarce because it can cause cracks and fissures. Few rubies actually grow large enough to crystallize into fine quality gems, and these can bring even higher prices than diamonds.

Burma’s Mogok Valley historically produced the finest ruby material, famous for its deep blood-red colour with purplish hues. These Burmese Rubies, also called Pigeon’s Blood Rubies, command a premium over brownish or orange-tinged varieties from other regions.

The Mong Hsu region of Myanmar began producing rubies in the ‘90s after discovering that heat treatment improved the colour saturation. Other ruby deposits exist in Vietnam, Thailand, India, parts of the Middle East, East Africa, and even the United States.

Tough and durable, ruby measures 9 on the Mohs scale. Diamond is the only natural gemstone harder than ruby.

Ruby’s strength and red fluorescence make it valuable for applications beyond jewellery. Both natural and synthetic rubies are used in watchmaking, medical instruments, and lasers.

Created Ruby Heart Pendant made in 9ct Yellow gold

This 9ct Yellow Gold heart shaped pendant holds a sparkling created Ruby. This deep red Ruby is enhanced by the Diamonds set in the pendant.

Created Ruby and Diamond Heart Ring made in 9ct Yellow Gold

We love the unique, romantic design of this 9ct Yellow Gold heart shaped ring. Set with created heart shaped Ruby and Diamonds, this ring is a perfect gift for someone you love.

9ct Yellow Gold Ruby Dress ring

9ct Yellow Gold dress ring with an oval cut bezel set Ruby.

Created Ruby Heart and Diamond Earrings made in 9ct Yellow Gold

These cute heart shaped earrings in 9ct Yellow Gold hold heart shaped created Ruby and Diamonds. Pair them with the matching ring and pendant to complete the look.

Cushion Cut Created Ruby and Diamond Pendant set in 9ct Yellow Gold

Simple and elegant cushion cut created ruby pendant with diamond details.

Please note, chain is not included.

Cushion Cut Created Ruby Studs in 9ct Yellow Gold

Simple and modern, these cushion cut ruby studs are a timeless piece to wear, no matter the occasion.

9ct Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Pendant TGW 0.098ct

9ct Yellow Gold Pendant with a Pear Cut Ruby set in a Diamond Halo.

Ruby and Diamond Enhancer in 9ct Yellow Gold

Inspired by vintage designs, this Ruby and Diamond enhancer is crafted in 9ct yellow gold. The 10 x 14mm Emerald Cut Ruby is set among Diamonds in a North, South, East and West formation. The delicate curves of the yellow gold only add to the elegance of the piece.

9ct Yellow Gold and Ruby Stud Earrings

Round Cut Ruby set in 9ct Yellow Gold Stud earrings.

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