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  1. March Birthstone: Aquamarine

    “Who in this world of ours their eyes; In March first open shall be wise; In days of peril firm and brave; And wear aquamarine to their grave.”

    Named for its stunning, ocean-like colour the aquamarine can also claim he calming properties attributed to the sea and is fabled as a treasure possessed by mermaids. The stone is said to be cleansing, inspire truth and trust and, where necessary, aids in letting go.

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  2. Which Birthstone Are You?

    Which Birthstone Are You?

    Traditionally, each month in the calendar is associated with a birthstone. Since ancient times, each of these stones has been seen as a symbol of different beneficial traits for the wearer. Whether you choose to believe those traditional beliefs or not, one thing is for sure, each stone brings its own splash of colour and touch of the exotic.

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  3. December Birthstone: Turquoise

    Turquoise is an opaque stone well known for its blue-green colour, reminiscent of the world’s most beautiful oceans. First brought to Europe from Turkey in the 14th century, the stone gained popularity as it was said to reflect the wearer’s health. The stone was prominent in many ancient societies and often used to make tools.

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  4. November Birthstone: Topaz

    Topaz is a vivid stone that is found in a huge variety of colours, but most commonly in blue hues from light to dark and rich. Named for the island "Topazos” in the Red Sea (now called Zabargad), this stone is typically quite hard (8 on Mohs scale) and transparent when viewed by the naked eye.

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  5. October Birthstone: Tourmaline

    October’s Child was born under the birthstone Tourmaline - a semi-precious gem with the widest spectrum of colour variations.

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  6. September Birthstone: Sapphire

    Those born in September are lucky to have the beautiful sapphire as their birthstone. The Sapphire, like many precious gemstones, is said to impart certain qualities upon its wearer. Qualities such as good health, innocence, truth and chastity are just some of the benefits said to behold the owner of this gem. As such, a gift of Sapphire for someone born in September would make a fabulous present!

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  7. August's Birthstone: Peridot

    August marks the end of the Australian Winter and the clear days and nights, whilst still chilly, are a nod to what to expect in the coming warmer months.

    The approach of spring is the perfect symbolism of the beautiful Peridot gem. A light, vibrant green in colour, the stone appears to reflect the new life that comes at the end of winter - the green of new seedlings and tropical landscapes.

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  8. July's Birthstone: Ruby

    The Cherry on Top

    The month of July is all about rugging up in thick winter gear and bunking down with a good book. Softer colours, lots of layers and a little hibernation, winter offers frost on our cars in the morning and a warm cuppa in our hands at night. Although Australia is known for its warmer weather, the cold can still hit hard and many homes feature a small fireplace in their living areas. And just like the burning flames of a winter's fire, July's birthstone is the fiery ruby.

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  9. June's Birthstone: Pearl

    The Hidden Beauty of Pearls

    Just as the clam opens to a hidden wonder in its soft depths, so does June open up to the season of winter. Known for neutral tones and soft fabrics, the colder season opens a different world of fashion, with many layering clothes to retain warmth and cover delicate skin from the icy chill. June's birthstone, the pearl, perfectly complements this change in clothing and lifestyle, adding a delicate pop of creamy colours to an otherwise simple colour scheme.

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  10. May's Birthstone: Emerald

    Be Reborn with Enigmatic Emerald

    Just before winter, the month of May is that beautiful in-between period amid the humid summer storms and chilling winter days. As the lead up to cooler weather, people start to wrap their body in warm layers of wool and cotton. But one thing that shines out is the sparkling green of an emerald earring on a pink ear lobe or a dazzling shimmer of a gold and emerald pendant strung around a scarfed throat. As May's birthstone, emerald is a welcome pop of colour against the neutrals and dark hues of winter.

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