Behind the Bench

Wallace Bishop, Chairman

Wallace Bishop, Chairman 

Take a stroll through any history museum around the world and you’ll come across a vast array of jewellery, some dating back thousands of years. It’s astounding to think that these gorgeous pieces were once worn by somebody, with hopes, dreams, and a fashion sense – just like you.

But, what of the person who made them? How was it possible to create such beauty by hand, to transform metal and stone into something so precious – with intricate detail – without modern tools?

This is the brilliance of the master craftsman. Those talented artisans who, for centuries, have constantly rejected technological advancements. Choosing, instead, to pass down the ancient techniques and processes of the art of jewellery making to the next crop of dedicated craftsman. As a result, those few currently in this noble profession possess the same, or very similar skills, to that of their ancient Egyptian counterparts. A pretty neat thought, don’t you think?

There is, of course, more to the art than the design and creation of such beautiful jewellery pieces. After all, the end product often represents an expression of our truest form of intimacy. A manifestation of our most sincere selves that is embodied within, and experienced through, the sharing and giving of a beautiful, meaningful piece.

At Wallace Bishop, we call this the ‘art of intimacy’. A mantra that acknowledges there’s a certain way to express your own intimacy, properly. In other words, there’s a craft to doing it the right way, that strengthens and reinforces our deepest connections.

It’s this belief, told through our own three little words (Tradition, Quality, Craftsmanship) and demonstrated through the work our master craftsmen partake in behind the bench, that set us apart from the rest.

Because with an expert team dedicated to the craft of designing and creating stunning bespoke jewellery to suit you, along with repairing and restoring your most treasured items, we proudly provide a service beyond that of any other jeweller. A service standard that we’ll continue to pass on, of course, to the next generation behind the bench.

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