Turquoise is an opaque stone well known for its blue-green colour, reminiscent of the world’s most beautiful oceans. First brought to Europe from Turkey in the 14th century, the stone gained popularity as it was said to reflect the wearer’s health. The stone was prominent in many ancient societies and often used to make tools.

As time wore on, turquoise was often used in building, as a feature tile glowing bright blue against the browns and greys of traditional building materials. The Aztecs used the stone as a feature in masks and weapons as it was said to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

In modern times, the stone is used often and usually cut in cabochon style and set in silver. Jewellery set with turquoise are stunning pieces for summer as a compliment to bright whites and colours. In winter they will whisk your imagination away to your summer holiday.

At Wallace Bishop, we have used turquoise in combination with Topaz and diamonds to create a stunning cocktail collection. The brilliant blue is brightened by the gem-style cut of the Topaz and contrasts stunningly with the surrounding white diamonds.