How to clean silver jewellery

Silver jewellery is versatile, classic and goes with practically anything. This makes it the ideal go-to option for wearing every day. However, when silver is worn all the time, prolonged exposure to humidity and light can cause it to lose its lustre and become stained. Luckily, this doesn't need to be a big issue. Silver is a resilient metal that can quickly be restored to its original brilliance, you just need to know the tricks used by professional jewellers.



There are plenty of silver cleaning pastes available over-the-counter at jewellery stores and even at local supermarkets. To bring your silver back to brilliance, simply take a small amount of the cleaning paste on a cloth and apply liberally to your silver jewellery. After you have rubbed over the surface a few times, you should notice your silver gain back its shine and lighten in colour. Once you’re satisfied with the result, rinse your jewellery under some water and buff dry with a clean cloth.

Of course, remember that you're using powerful chemicals, so read the instructions carefully. You should also do your cleaning away from food preparation surfaces, always wear gloves that are only used for cleaning silver and make sure that you dispose of any waste materials thoughtfully.


Let us do it for you

If you have a very tarnished piece, are concerned about handling harsh chemicals or simply want to give your silver the look that only comes with a fully professional polish, it's worth considering bringing it in to one of our stores for a total clean.

We have the most advanced professional cleaning equipment available to properly care for your silver jewellery. Whether your silver needs a simple polish or a more intense clean, we can easily help maintain your special piece for a lifetime.

To find out more about our services here at Wallace Bishop, or if you are after more advice on how to clean your silver jewellery at home, head into your nearest Wallace Bishop store or give us a call - we’re happy to help.