How to find the perfect wedding ring

When it comes to jewellery and weddings the big star is usually the engagement ring. It's usually the most spectacular piece a woman will wear on her fingers and it's usually worth the most. However, despite the engagement ring getting all the attention, it's important not to forget the wedding band. It might not be as impressive, but its meaning is just as significant. When you select the ring you say “I do” with, it is worth considering two key things. Are you after matching his and her rings? Do you want it to match back to an engagement ring?


Start your search

First on your agenda should be setting yourself a budget. Depending on the style of ring you choose, embellishments on your wedding bands such as diamonds and engravings can quickly add to your budget so make sure you take this into account before adding in any of these extras.

After you’ve narrowed down how much you are happy to spend, you’re ready to start trying them on. You should ideally start your search at least two to three months before the big day to ensure you not only have enough time to find the perfect band, but you also have time for resizing, engraving or if the crafting of the ring if you’re going down the custom route.


Narrow down your style

There are so many different styles to choose from when it comes to wedding bands, and the options can be overwhelming. Take some to narrow down the particular style you are after so you can easily start to focus on exactly what you’re looking for. Things to consider include: are you after a plain band or did you want something embellished? Would you prefer gold or platinum? Did you want your band to match back to your engagement ring?


Match forever

One popular option is to get matching wedding bands to fully reflect a commitment to each other, but this isn’t mandatory. If your partner prefers gold and you prefer platinum, there’s no rule to say you your bands have to match. If you both have different tastes, another option is engraving to still share some similarities in your bands. Whether it be your initials or the date of your big day, engravings can put that extra personal touch on a piece you’ll be wearing for a lifetime.


Leave it to us

There are plenty of wedding ring designs to choose from, but if you can't find one that's just right for you, our team of designers can help you come up with exactly the ring you want to wear forever. If you've got a design in mind, or even if you've just got a few thoughts you'd like to see brought to life, our design team can help you create the perfect wedding ring that represents the love and life shared between you and your partner.

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