Jewellery for him - making a style statement

For many years, jewellery was seen as being the sole domain of women. Men might consider a stylish watch or possibly some cufflinks, but otherwise there was little in the way of options for them once they'd chosen their wedding band. Now everything has changed. The world's most stylish men all have a variety of key jewellery pieces that help to finish off their look. Of course, timeless items such as watches and cufflinks remain on the must-have list for every well-dressed man, but these are just the beginning.

So how does the stylish, contemporary man use jewellery as part of his look? The secret is not to try too hard. Keep it simple, keep your colour palette to a minimum and try to limit what you wear to high-quality pieces.


Men's Rings

For many, the first step into additional jewellery starts with the ring. There are those who like to stand out with a hand full of rings, whereas others prefer a simple signet for a touch of additional styling. As a rule of thumb, try to match your choice of metal to any other jewellery you like to wear - especially your watch. Silver, steel and platinum can all work well together, but try to avoid mixing them with gold. Too many colours can overwhelm. Remember, you don't have to wear the same rings everyday (unless one of them is your wedding band!) so you can always mix and match for different looks on different days.


Men's Bracelets

Ideally matched with a watch, bracelets can add that touch of texture that augments the statement you make with your timepiece. As with rings, the best bracelets complement the colour palette and types of metal used in your watch or any other jewellery you wear. They also give you the chance to think beyond precious metals and gemstones - even a string of coloured beads or a well-finished leather strap with a brass clasp can do a great job bringing your look together.


Men's Necklaces

A necklace might seem like an over-reach for most men, but the secret is not trying too hard. An understated necklace with a high-quality chain can make the perfect finish to a simple outfit. If you choose the right one, it's also worth considering looping in a subtle pendant or even a ring. For those of you ready to stretch yourselves, you could even consider layering more than one necklace, but only if they match.


Men's Earrings

Men's earrings have come in and out of fashion over the years. Previously the domain of teenagers or musicians, the earring is not a look that works for everyone. However, in the right context, a high-end earring can make all the difference. As with other men's jewellery, the secret is less is more, make your metals match and invest in higher quality products, because the difference is obvious.