Spring The Question

Love Letters

Customise your ring with our exclusive Love Letters Collection 

In this season of love, pop the question with our new Maple Leaf Diamonds collections.

How good is a change of season? Especially if that change renders winter done for another year! Yep, it’s spring time, and you can almost feel it in the air. Apparently, the seasonal change gives us a boost of dopamine, too. So, it’s no wonder then, that spring is also the season of love.

You see, spring is a time for new beginnings, new chapters, and new commitments to old loves. It’s a time where everything good in our lives can and will amalgamate into something better. And where springing the question is never, well, out of the question.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of our new diamond collection, Maple Leaf Diamonds, exclusive to Wallace Bishop in Australia and just in time for this season of love.

Mined in the pristine wilds of northern Canada after forming deep within the earth for millions of years, these pure and natural diamonds are true Canadian treasures and can be traced from the mine, all the way to your finger.

Currently, we’re featuring two offerings from this exquisite range; The contemporary and bespoke Love Letters collection, along with the gorgeously elegant Pink Passion collection.

Starting from $6,999, each Love Letters ring is custom made with your, and your partners initials, adorned on the diamond setting. It’s a special and truly intimate symbol that represents the eternal commitment, and love, you both share.

The stylish Pink Passion collection, starting from $2,299, features stunning rings, earrings and pendants all inspired by the flower of love: roses. Creating a truly elegant appearance that benefits from the relationship between the brilliance of the Maple Leaf Diamonds and the soft tones of the rose gold structure.

It’s clear to see, through the intricate detail and true beauty of each piece, that both collections seamlessly embody the spirit of spring love. After all, it is the season of love.

For more information about these collections, along with the complete Maple Leaf Diamonds range, please reach out to one of our friendly staff members at your local Wallace Bishop store.