Tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring

If you’re ready to pop the question, then it's time to find your ring. Most men will admit they aren’t exactly experts when it comes to buying jewellery, so choosing that one piece of jewellery for the love of your life can put on the pressure. There are so many different styles, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from that it can be overwhelming to know where to even begin.

Of course the ring won't make someone say "yes" or "no" but the time and effort you put into choosing the right one can show how much you care. No matter what your budget is, it is well worth doing some research not only on your intended's personal tastes but also the types of engagement rings available.


Pick a budget

Firstly, you’ll make your life a lot easier if you set yourself a reasonable budget. You'll not only make your options more manageable, you'll also take the pressure off financially. A general starting point for budgets is to spend the equivalent of one month's salary on an engagement ring, but this is just a guideline. The best guideline is to spend what you can afford right now. Once you know your budget, you'll have a much more focussed set of options to choose from.


Find out her ring size

Next comes the harder part where you’ll need to figure out her ring size if you don’t already know it. The easiest way is to borrow one of her rings and do some measuring by using our handy online Ring Size Guide (link) to get a general idea of her size. If possible, try to find one that she has worn recently and fits on her ring finger. Of course, while our guide can give you a good idea, we recommend bringing her ring into your nearest Wallace Bishop store to be properly measured by a professional. Of course, the trick is to do it without getting caught!


Pick the right diamond

Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Confidence are all important factors in choosing the right diamond for an engagement ring. Cut relates to the angles and proportions of the diamond while Colour refers to how much or little colour the diamond has. Clarity is determined by the amount and location of blemishes the diamond may have and Carat is its weight. For more information, check out Wallace Bishop's Guide to Buying Diamonds.


Select your metal

Yellow gold is the first metal most people think of when they are considering an engagement ring, because it is the traditional choice. But there are a number of different precious metals that look superb on a ring finger, with many people now opting for either platinum or white gold. Of course different metals come at different prices and platinum can add a bit to the cost, so use your budget and her taste in jewellery to help make your selection here. Generally, cooler colours go well with white gold and platinum while warmer colours match yellow gold.


Choose your setting

There are hundreds of different standard and custom settings to choose from. Bar, bezel, prong, flush, cluster and invisible are just a few you may hear about when looking at engagement rings. The choice can be dependent on the diamond's cut but is also based on personal preference. If you are confused by the choices it's worth looking at a classic setting like prong. Prong is a timeless setting that remains popular because it holds the diamond up where light can enter from below and make the most of the stone's Cut and Clarity.

Ever since we opened in 1917, Wallace Bishop has been setting the benchmark for superior jewellery to help you play favourites. If you are ready to pop the question and you're looking for that perfect ring, visit your local store and talk with one of our expert staff. We'll help you find exactly what you are looking for, even if we have to make it from scratch.