Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift

It can be a challenge to find someone a gift that is both thoughtful and practical, spectacular and useful, fun but also helpful. Unless you buy them a watch. The best timepieces are not only useful because they tell the time, they're also a fashion statement and status symbol that can help to smarten up any look. Whether you are looking for on-trend style, something a little more sporty or even a traditional look, there's no gift like the gift of time.

When choosing a watch, select a design based on the recipient's individual style that works well with both dressing smart or more laid-back occasions. If your choice aligns well with their style, the best watches always look great, dressed up or down.

For men, a watch is a great gift to satisfy both their practical and sentimental side. The main thing to consider when choosing a watch for the man in your life is whether they would want something subtle or prefer more of a statement piece.

The main rule for ladies when it comes to watch gift-giving is to find the piece that reflects her style. It's always a good idea to base your choice off the other jewellery she wears. If she prefers understated, traditional jewellery, you’ll want to find something more subtle and classic, especially if you're considering giving her a watch for wearing every day.

Don’t be discouraged if the woman you're thinking of buying a watch for doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery. Even the most unadorned women are likely to appreciate a classic timepiece on their wrist if you have spent the time choosing something that.

If you are thinking about buying a watch for your one of your favourites, we have a versatile and extensive range of watches at Wallace Bishop that suit the many styles and budgets.

Browse our favourite Swiss and Fashion watches online, or visit into your nearest Wallace Bishop store with an idea of style and budget in mind and we'll help you find the perfect piece in no time.

Kayla Boyd in the Loyal Enigma

Kayla Boyd in the Loyal Watches Enigma