1. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  2. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  3. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  4. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  5. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  6. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  7. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  8. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  9. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift

    Captures that whirlwind of emotions you feel when you have found your true love. Featuring an incredible swirling diamond setting.

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  10. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift

    It can be a challenge to find someone a gift that is both thoughtful and practical, spectacular and useful, fun but also helpful unless you buy them a watch from Wallace Bishop. The best timepieces are not only useful because they tell the time, but they're also a fashion statement and status symbol that can help to smarten up any look. Whether you are looking for on-trend style, something a little more sporty or even a traditional look, there's no gift like the gift of time.

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  11. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift

    Traditionally, each month in the calendar is associated with a birthstone. Since ancient times, each of these stones has been seen as a symbol of different beneficial traits for the wearer. Whether you choose to believe those traditional beliefs or not, one thing is for sure, each stone brings its own splash of colour and touch of the exotic.



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  12. “Who in this world of ours their eyes; In March first open shall be wise; In days of peril firm and brave; And wear aquamarine to their grave.”

    Named for its stunning, ocean-like colour the aquamarine can also claim he calming properties attributed to the sea and is fabled as a treasure possessed by mermaids. The stone is said to be cleansing, inspire truth and trust and, where necessary, aids in letting go.

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  13. Wallace Bishop are proud to announce the launch of two new jewellery collections – “I Will” and “Eternal”, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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  14. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift
  15. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift


    Customise your ring with our exclusive Love Letters Collection 

    In this season of love, pop the question with our new Maple Leaf Diamonds collections.


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  16. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift

    For many years, jewellery was seen as being the sole domain of women. Men might consider a stylish watch or possibly some cufflinks, but otherwise there was little in the way of options for them once they'd chosen their wedding band. Now everything has changed. The world's most stylish men all have a variety of key jewellery pieces that help to finish off their look. Of course, timeless items such as watches and cufflinks remain on the must-have list for every well-dressed man, but these are just the beginning.


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  17. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift

    Silver jewellery is versatile, classic and goes with practically anything. This makes it the ideal go-to option for wearing every day. However, when silver is worn all the time, prolonged exposure to humidity and light can cause it to lose its lustre and become stained. Luckily, this doesn't need to be a big issue. Silver is a resilient metal that can quickly be restored to its original brilliance, you just need to know the tricks used by professional jewellers.


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  18. Why a Watch is the Perfect Gift

    When it comes to jewellery and weddings the big star is usually the engagement ring. It's usually the most spectacular piece a woman will wear on her fingers and it's usually worth the most. However, despite the engagement ring getting all the attention, it's important not to forget the wedding band. It might not be as impressive, but its meaning is just as significant. When you select the ring you say “I do” with, it is worth considering two key things. Are you after matching his and her rings? Do you want it to match back to an engagement ring?


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