Bluebird of Happiness

Let love soar.

The Bluebird of Happiness I send to you today
He brings you all my love as he hurries on his way
May his song fill your heart as it was meant to be
And every time you hear it you will think of me

Wallace Bishop’s new Signature Series, Bluebird of Happiness, is inspired not only by the little Bluebirds symbolic meaning but also by our history of manufacturing Bluebird Brooches.

After WWII, as a symbol of peace, Wallace Bishop & Son designed and manufactured a top-selling Bluebird of Happiness brooch in sterling silver with a beautiful radiant blue enamel. This brooch was a gift to thousands of children, intended to bring the happiness of the Bluebird into their lives.

When we see the striking blue colours of the bluebird flying in the open sky, it is a sight to behold. However, gorgeous this species may be, they are popular for their symbolic meaning of prosperity, happiness, harmony and good luck.

Wallace Bishop encourages you to let your love sore with our Bluebird of Happiness bridal range. Inside each band, behind each pendant and earring is our Bluebird, which we hope will bring happiness, harmony and good luck to your journey, now and forever.

Explore the collection and find the Bluebird that is right for you.