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Diamond Guide


Colour is a very personal thing, and there are many details to consider when deciding on the right colour Diamond for you.


Diamond Colour

Speak to your Wallace Bishop Diamond specialist about the difference the setting and the metal used can change how you perceive the colour of a Diamond.

Diamonds fall within a colour scale from ‘D’ (colourless) to ‘Z’ (light yellow). The closer a Diamond is to having no colour (D), the more valuable it becomes – because light reflects off the white Diamond with far greater, ‘sparkling’ effect. As a rule, the less colour within a Diamond the more valuable and rare the gem.

...And then there's the Fancies


Diamonds can also be found in many different colours, known as ‘fancy’ colours. These coloured Diamonds are rare and particularly valuable and come in a spectrum of colours including yellow, brown, pink and blue.

It’s estimated that for every single natural coloured Diamond there are 10,000 colourless Diamonds.

Excluding the ‘fancy’ colours, the chart below shows you the different colours available.


Based on our experience, the majority of our customers choose Diamonds that fall into the G, H & I colour grades (which are considered near-colourless) and F which is the lowest grade in the colourless.

Diamond Colour