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Diamond Guide


Diamond Confidence

With over 60 years experience in the Diamond, jewellery and watch trade, Wallace Bishop is currently the Chairman of the Wallace Bishop Group of Companies and is guiding presence in this unique family-based business.

We asked Mr Bishop (Wal to his friends) what he believes to be the most important considerations to take into account when you’re choosing a Diamond or Diamond ring.


My first tip would be to purchase the highest quality cut Diamond that your budget will allow. The quality of the cut of your Diamond has the biggest impact on its sparkle and can actually make your Diamond appear larger than it actually is.

Fire, scintillation and brilliance are all related to the cut of the Diamond and are the real eye catchers. If you sacrifice cut – for say size – you might find the Diamond appears a little flat or glassy and in the worst case dull.


From experience I know it’s the sparkle and brilliance of the Diamond that catches the eye before its colour. Colour appears to become more noticeable when you get up into gems of two-carats or larger. But remember the visible difference to the naked eye of Diamonds that are side-by-side on the colour grading scale can be almost non-existent – so you could save a significant amount by selecting a gem slightly lower on the scale.

Also remember some Diamond shapes reflect more colour than others and offer more ‘dazzle for your dollar’. A Round or Princess Cut Diamond can mask some colour in a lower grade Diamond – and the effect is still stunning.


You obviously want to be proud of your Diamond purchase every day the gem meets your eye – so major imperfections should obviously always be avoided. On the other hand many Diamond imperfections are so small an untrained eye would never even see them. So again – this is an area where there are savings to be made without sacrificing the overall appeal of the gem.

If you are really trying to stretch your budget it’s also possible to buy a gem with a slightly visible imperfection but then cover that with a claw so it will never be seen.


The price of Diamonds tends to jump at the half-carat and full-carat size. A great way to get maximum value is to look for Diamonds just below either of these two marks. So maybe a .95-carat Diamond instead of the full one-carat. To the eye, no one would ever be able to tell them apart and if you’ve focused on buying a beautifully cut gem – you’ll have a magnificent piece that will always flatter the wearer.


At the end of the day choosing the perfect Diamond or Diamond ring is still an immensely personal choice. I’ve had some customers tell me that the ring ‘just felt like it belonged on their finger’. It was just meant to be.

I always tell people that it’s wonderful that they’ve taken the time to learn about these stunning gems – but don’t let the other 4Cs take the romance out of their decision. You can become an expert if that’s your passion – but our trusted people are here to help you every step of the way. They’re so well trained – so experienced – so proud to be able to help with such an important decision.

Our Diamond specialists are experts you can always trust. We’ve bought these Diamonds with our own money – often from companies and families we’ve been dealing with for generations. I know these are some of the finest gems anywhere in the world…that’s why I’m so confident in guaranteeing every single one of them.