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Diamond Guide


Most Diamond purists agree – it’s ‘the cut’ that has the greatest impact on a Diamond’s beauty and allure. The more precise and skilful the cut, the more appealing the gem is to the eye.


Diamond Cuts


‘Diamond cut’ refers to the angles and proportions created when the rough Diamond is transformed into a polished Diamond. There are actually two meanings that relate to the ‘cut’ of a Diamond – the first is the physical shape of the Diamond once it’s been polished – the second meaning refers to the quality of cut. The common ‘cuts’are pictured above.


At Wallace Bishop we find the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is the most popular of all of the Diamond cuts. This cut provides more options when choosing a Diamond to allow for the ultimate in fire and brilliance while remaining flexible in size and weight.

A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond has 57 or 58 facets, the 58th being a tiny flat facet at the base of the pavilion that’s known as the culet. The large flat facet on the top is known as the table. When you hear experts talking about the proportions of a Diamond they’re actually referring to the relationship between the table size, crown angle and pavilion depth.

Round Brilliant Cut


The popularity of Princess Cut Diamonds has risen dramatically in recent years. It’s probably best described as a ‘Square Modified Brilliant’ meaning the gem retains many of the characteristics of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, but has been modified to feature a square face.


The second use of the term ‘cut’ refers to the quality of cut within the shape. This relates to proportion, and the relationship and angles of each of the surfaces, known as facets. The quality of the Diamond and the price will vary greatly based on the ‘cut quality’.

If you have a look at this chart you’ll notice how that depending on the quality of the cut – the light refractions can be altered – affecting the ‘brilliance’ of your Diamond. It’s angles that allow the Diamond to capture light and reflect it and boost its sparkle! That’s why great Diamond cutters are worth their weight… in Diamonds!

Quality of Cut

When it comes to cut, the qualities you need to look out for are Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation.

In some ways these words speak for themselves, but don't be fooled – there's a lot of expertise that goes into being able to distinguish between one Diamond and another. We’ve provided some insights here. Please ask your Wallace Bishop Diamond specialist for the full run down.

Brilliance Fire Scintillation and Cut Grades