Maple Leaf Diamonds

True Canadian Treasures

Maple Leaf Diamonds™ are mined in the pristine wilds of northern Canada. Formed deep within the earth millions of years ago, eventually emerging as beautiful, one of a kind treasures.

Over 55 years of expertise and superb craftsmanship has ranked them among the world’s most exquisite and valued gems. Maple Leaf Diamonds™ guarantees natural and untreated diamonds – pure as the majestic ice fields of Canada’s great white north.

Family & Friends Story
Circle of Love

Surround her with your love for all eternity. All jewellery features a delicate diamond circle in the design signaling your never ending love

Birthday Story
Love Letters

Featuring a Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds™ centre stone, each ring is custom made with your initials symbolizing the love of your partnership.

Love Story
Pink Passion

If the rose is the flower of love, rose gold must be the colour of love. Surprise her with our Pink Passion Collection and watch her smile bloom.

Anniversary Story
Winds Embrace

Captures that whirlwind of emotions you feel when you have found your true love. Featuring an incredible swirling diamond setting.

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Track Your Diamonds

Only selected finest stores are authorised to distribute Maple Leaf Diamonds™ jewellery.

Includes certificate of origin, tracking system certification, Responsible Jewellery Council certificate and CanadaMark certificate.

Track your diamond to guarantee your Maple Leaf Diamonds™ was mined in Canada and is authentically natural and untreated.

Maple Leaf Diamonds Certifications

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