Most men are not experts when it comes to buying jewellery so choosing the perfect ring for the love of your life can be difficult. With all of the different styles, designs and diamond sizes on offer, it may seem like an over whelming task. Purchasing the ring that makes her say "Yes!" should be a careful and considered choice. But where should you start? Using the below tips, finding the perfect ring will be easy.

How much you can afford?

Establishing a budget with some flexibility will immediately make the search easier. While it isn't ideal to search for the cheapest ring you can find, it is important to set a realistic budget for what you are willing to spend. According to an old wives tale, a man should spend one month's salary on an engagement ring; however, it's best practice to be honest with yourself and choose a ring in a price range that you feel comfortable with.

What size?

The easiest way is to borrow one of her rings and bring it into store. Although rings can be resized, it is often nicer to get one that is the right size so she can wear it straight away. The best way to get her sizing is to borrow one of her rings. If possible, try to find one that she has worn recently and fits on the ring finger.

The Four C's

Cut, colour, clarity and carat are all important factors in choosing the right diamond for an engagement ring. Cut relates to the angles and proportions of the diamond while colour refers to how much or little colour the diamond has. Clarity is determined by the amount and location of blemishes the diamond may have and carat is its weight. For more information, check out Wallace Bishop's page, Guide to Buying Diamonds.

Select your metal

A lot of people are only aware of yellow gold for an engagement ring, but there are lots of other different precious metals you can choose from. Platinum and white gold are also very popular choices for an engagement ring, with platinum being the most expensive metal. Base your choice on your budget and the kind of colours or other jewellery she wears. Cooler colours go well with white gold and platinum while warmer colours match yellow gold.

Choose your setting

There are hundreds of different standard and custom settings you can choose from. Bar, bezel, prong, flush, cluster and invisible are just a few you may hear about when looking at engagement rings. The choice can be dependent on the diamond's cut, but is also based on personal preference. If you are stuck, go for a classic like prong. Prong is popular due to the way it holds the diamond, making it appear as if it is hanging, allowing light to enter which creates an attractive sparkle.

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