Engagement Series:Amie & Gary

Amid shared anxiety, we wanted to explore the beautiful moments and people that life can extend to us. We are privileged to share in the most significant moments in our customer’s lives and provide inspiration in jewellery to mark these moments.

Diamond Buyer, Inspiration Provider, and Office Mum, Maggie, interviewed three Wallace Bishop women about the day they got engaged and their engagement rings. We hope that these stories will offer a reprieve from the regular news cycle, and remind us that the celebration of love must continue.

This is Amie’s Interview. Amie is our Executive Assistant & Office Manager, a Mum to three boys and a charismatic, ultra-stylish presence in our office.

Amie thought she would wear a modern and sleek wedding dress, but when Amie and her Mum they both liked the princess style dress.

“Gary and I met at my best friends 21st. Gary was drunk and I didn’t have a clue who he was. As I was trying to leave the party he came up to me and said ‘Can you hold my drink I’ll be right back’. So I’m standing there, holding a strangers drink, and I asked my friend who he was and she said, ‘Oh, that’s Gaz!’”

“I must have held three of his drinks while he ran off to socialise. I was not impressed. A few days after the 21st, Gary shows up at my house. It turns out that he was friends with my housemate’s boyfriend, and he started coming over all the time.”

“Eventually we went on our first date and I found out later that he kept handing me his drink because he didn’t want me to leave the party.”

Gary and his best men out the front of St John's Cathedral.

“If I was describing our relationship in three words they would be: fun, dysfunctional – but overall happy and in love, raising our three boys.” - Amie

“Loving, Expensive, Painful.” - Gary

Did you drop hints about the kind for ring you wanted?

Not really. He tried to work out what I liked. We would walk past shop windows and he would ask what I liked and didn’t like. I told him that I hated Princess Cuts, and that’s what he got me.

That’s so Gary!

You know Gary, “Oh you hate Princess Cut, that’s what you’re getting!”

Amie's original engagement ring was a Princess Cut Solitaire.

Was it a surprise or something you planned together?

It was a total surprise. We were moving house that day, or rather it was me moving house. I was doing all the lifting. He had been useless and we’d been fighting and things were tense. All I knew was that he had a surprise for me later that day.

Gary knows I don’t like heights, so imagine how I felt when he told me the surprise was climbing the Story Bridge.

During the safety demonstration Gary snuck off to the bathroom with another woman and he was gone for about twenty minutes so he missed the whole thing. I thought he’s going to die during this climb because he’s missed the safety instructions, or I’m going to kill him.

Gary was in front of me on the climb and I kept trying to hold his hand but he wouldn’t let me.

I’d had enough, but when we got to the top, he got down on one knee and proposed.

He’d been useless when we were moving because he was so nervous about proposing that he couldn’t even look me in my eyes. When he’d gone to the bathroom, they were strapping the ring to the inside of his wrist, so he didn’t want to hold my hand in case I felt it.

So you hate Princess Cuts and you heights and he knew all of this!

I know! Gary met me in October of 2006 and he proposed to me in July of 2007. He explained to me that he wanted to propose on top of the story bridge because Brisbane was his home, and he was ready to make a new home with me. So the ring is incredibly special to me.

I already know the answer to this but, did he get it [the engagement ring] right?

He got it so wrong that I had all the gems taken out and had it remade into something I liked. The centre gem isn’t great, but it’s the diamond that he worked so hard to get for me and the value of that is irreplaceable. I could never swap it.

And you’ve added some extra rings as well.

Yes, I have. Gary knows about my wedding band and anniversary band, but I’ve added a few more that he doesn’t know about. Sometimes I see him looking at the rings and I just try and keep my hand moving.

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