Engagement Series: Mel & Jon

Amid shared anxiety, we wanted to explore the beautiful moments and people that life can extend to us. We are privileged to share in the most significant moments in our customer’s lives and provide inspiration in jewellery to mark these moments.

Diamond Buyer, Inspiration Provider, and Office Mum, Maggie, interviewed three Wallace Bishop women about the day they got engaged and their engagement rings. We hope that these stories will offer a reprieve from the regular news cycle, and remind us that the celebration of love must continue.

This is Melissa’s Interview. Mel is our Merchandise Planner, a Golden Retriever enthusiast and a Sagittarius. Mel met her husband Jon on a night out with her friends.

Melissa and Jon had an intimate wedding with just close friends and family.

“I was at a bar with friends. One of my friends asked a stranger if he would take a photo of us – that stranger was my future husband.”

“There was no particular ‘moment’ for me, but from our first date, Jon was different. I instantly felt comfortable with him. He was a gentleman. He opened doors, cooked beautiful meals, introduced me to his friends and family quickly. Our relationship always felt right, easy and natural.”

“If I was to describe our relationship in three words they would be: fun, happy and loving.”

Mel's Engagement and Wedding Ring photographed with her wedding flowers. Mel's Sister in-law chose the flowers, and Mel had them dried to preserve them.

Did you plan your engagement together, or was it a surprise?

He had hinted over the years that it was coming, but it was a surprise. He teased it for about two years before popping the question. He is such a dreamer, whereas if I want to do something, I’ll do it straight away. He takes his time and considers it for a long time before doing anything.

Did you drop hints about the ring that you wanted or what you liked?

Yes and no. I wanted the ring to be something that he chose for me, but he would show me pictures and ask me if that’s what I liked or not. He knew he wanted to get me a solitaire.

Did he discuss his purchasing experience with you?

Yes he did afterward, but he went and did it all on his own. We had discussed the ethics of Diamonds a bit, and we both wanted to buy a certified Diamond where its journey from mine to manufacture was well documented.

Mel's Engagement Ring is a Solitaire with an Emerald Cut Diamond. They have been soldered together for comfort and convenience, and to symbolise the couples union.

Do you know if he had a budget?

Yes, he did have a budget. We have a shared account, so he saved up on the side to buy my ring. I know the budget was a bit flexible, but we didn’t discuss finances.

And how did he propose?

My birthday is the 29th of November, so he booked a helicopter ride for the 10th of December and disguised it as a belated birthday present, and he proposed in the helicopter as we flew over the cliffs of the Eastern Beaches in Sydney. He was very nervous about the proposal. If I said ‘No’, then there was no quick exit.

I asked him afterward, ‘Why were you so nervous? We’d talked about it, you knew I was going to say yes!’ and he just said, ‘I know, but what if you said No.’

At their reception, the MC posed questions to the couple, in which the answer was either Jon or Mel. If the answer was Jon, they needed to raise his shoe, and if the answer was Mel, they had to raise Mel’s shoe. Safe to say there were some disagreements, as pictured above.

Final question, did he get it [the engagement ring] right?

He did. It’s a very simple style so I was able to add some flair with the addition of my wedding band.


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