Ring Sizing

If your favourite ring, or that gorgeous new bling, doesn't quite fit, we can re-size it just for you. We can add or remove metal to create the perfect fit, or even re-build the band to add extra life to an old favourite. In our workshop, we have the specialist equipment and qualified jewellers to ensure a perfect finish. With hundreds of rings resized on a weekly basis there is no job too challenging for our experts


Your precious diamonds and gems need to be set in the right mount to ensure they are secure. Over time, claws on jewellery can lose their integrity and wear down, and they need special attention to repair. In our workshop, we can rebuild the claws on your treasured rings to ensure the gems are kept securely in place, giving you peace of mind every time you wear them.

Gem Setting

Gem setting is a fine art, mastered by only the most skilled jewellers. Setting a gem in a ring or piece of jewellery is all about ensuring the correct placement to achieve maximum brilliance and optimum beauty.

Cleaning Jewellery and Watches

Your watch or jewellery is like any precision item – it requires cleaning and maintenance to last a lifetime. Our workshop has the most advanced professional cleaning equipment to properly care for your treasured items. Whether we're carrying out major work, or simply cleaning and polishing, we can help maintain your special piece for a lifetime.

Soldering and Welding

A jewellers craft takes years to perfect, requires special equipment and know-how to handbuild or repair your treasured pieces. The Wallace Bishop workshop is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, so you can trust us to have the skills and equipment to bring your dream to reality, or your old favourite back to life.

Polishing and Finishing

For optimum beauty, jewellery needs to look its best all the time. So when it leaves our workshop, it will be buffed and polished to perfection, shining and radiant. Our finishing equipment is state-of-the-art and we have the jewellers dedicated to finishing your pieces to the highest possible standard. If your jewellery simply needs a bit of professional attention to bring back its shine, drop it in to our stores or workshop where this simple process will deliver an outstanding result.

Electronic Watch Time Testing

The Wallace Bishop workshop uses the latest Witschi testing equipment when working on your valuable timepiece. Witschi is a world leader in measuring and testing techniques for watch servicing. This specialist equipment allows us to test batteries, circuit consumption, rate, as well as time loss or gain. We’ll ensure your watch keeps you on time all the time.

Watch repairs

What really sets our workshop apart? At Wallace Bishop, we have the expertise and equipment to fully service your timepiece and we cater for most brands. We replace batteries, glass faces and seals, but what makes our service the very best, is our Electronic Time Testing (ETT) machinery. Every watch is rigorously tested using ETT before leaving our workshop to ensure the time-keeping is to the manufacturer's standard.

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