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Tungsten is a 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness, coming in just below Diamond's. This means a Tungsten wedding ring will be difficult to scratch, and retain a polished finish for years to come. 

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Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a romantic choice for an engagement or wedding ring. It's also durable, making it perfect for jewellery that needs to last a life time. 

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A Zirconium wedding band will retain it's rich black colour forever, while other metals that are plated to achieve this look will fade and tarnish. It's a durable and sleek choice that will last a life time. 

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White Gold

White Gold is a popular choice for Wedding Rings as it has a beautiful lustre and shine that is similar to platinum, but for a more affordable price.  

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Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is a classic choice for a Wedding Ring. Yellow Gold is the most low maintenance of all three golds. It's less likely to tarnish or discolour and it's warm hue is flattering for most. 

Argyle Chocolate
Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is known for it's shine and lustre. It is a lightweight and more affordable alternative to gold.

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