Australian diamonds

Australian Argyle Diamonds by Wallace Bishop

Every Australian Argyle Diamond is a precious original —a gem like no other, from a place like no other. Born amidst our iconic red landscape, vivid blue skies and ancient rock formations, each Argyle diamond is responsibly sourced and truly embodies our unique, Australian spirit.

Making them ideal for any diamond lover.

The brand new Bridal White and Cognac Argyle Diamonds collections are now available at Wallace Bishop, both in store and online. View the ranges today

Maple Leaf Diamonds

Maple Leaf Diamonds

Every Maple Leaf Diamonds Diamond has a story. The story of a remarkable journey. The story of incomparable care and attention. The story of an everlasting love.

So tell your story, with a diamond ring as precious as the love you have for one another. Shop the collections instore and online. View the ranges today.

Eternal  by Wallace Bishop

Eternal By Wallace Bishop

These are the times where it feels good to share our life’s journey. Where we become connected to something bigger and realer than ourselves.

Where everything is just…perfect.

And expressing it, fills us with joy. For a love that’s limitless, choose a gesture that says more than worlds alone could ever express. “Eternal” by Wallace Bishop.

I will by Wallace Bishop

I Will... By Wallace Bishop

Imagine the ‘power of connection’ one simple promise can make. Now imagine that promise was set amid beautiful stones and worn proudly. Turning the simple act of a promise made, into a bond that cannot be broken.

Because saying ‘I will’ is one thing. But showing it…well…that’s another thing entirely. ‘I Will’ by Wallace Bishop. Make a lasting promise.

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