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The Signature Collections

Our Signature Series

Our tradition of craftsmanship, along with our unwavering commitment to doing things the right way, informs the quality jewellery we design, craft and sell to this day.

This is why when we release an exclusive collection, we do it under a mark that embodies everything true and real about our difference, in just three words.

Introducing ‘Our Signature Series’.

A premium range of jewellery collections, crafted or sold exclusively by us, inspired by our own three little words; Quality. Tradition. Craftsmanship.

Explore and purchase from our latest collections below.

Eternal  by Wallace Bishop

Eternal By Wallace Bishop

These are the times where it feels good to share our life’s journey. Where we become connected to something bigger and realer than ourselves.

Where everything is just…perfect.

And expressing it, fills us with joy. For a love that’s limitless, choose a gesture that says more than worlds alone could ever express. “Eternal” by Wallace Bishop.

I will by Wallace Bishop

I Will... By Wallace Bishop

Imagine the ‘power of connection’ one simple promise can make. Now imagine that promise was set amid beautiful stones and worn proudly. Turning the simple act of a promise made, into a bond that cannot be broken.

Because saying ‘I will’ is one thing. But showing it…well…that’s another thing entirely. ‘I Will’ by Wallace Bishop. Make a lasting promise.