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Wallace Bishop specialise in valuations for insurance replacement. The value stated represents what it would cost to replace an equivalent article in the event of loss or burglary, either new from Wallace Bishop or a similar article in the second hand/ vintage/antique marketplace if available.

Wallace Bishop recommends you update your jewellery valuations every 2-3 years, depending on your individual insurance requirements. This will provide proof of ownership and assist in the quest for correct compensation should a claim arise.

Valuation Process

When we value a piece of jewellery it includes metal testing, gemstone identification, gemstone weight approximation and grading, and establishing the method of manufacture (eg. handmade, cast, machined).

Each valuation has a full description of the item, the monetary value of the piece and includes a colour photograph. We suggest you keep this valuation in a secure place so it’s easily accessible should you need to use it.