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Founded in 1934 by then Wallace Bishop CEO, Carl Bishop, exclusively sold through Wallace Bishop stores. Loyal has stayed ahead of time by offering premium quality and stylish timepieces at a competitive price. Designed to last in harsh Australian conditions, with up to a 5-year warranty on some models giving you confidence and exceptional value. View out latest collections below to find the perfect watch for you.


Designed for more harsher conditions within our climate, the Loyal Adventurer collection prides itself on being a watch moulded by Australia. Adventurer is moving from a strictly utility timepiece to incorporating a styled ruggedness aesthetic. A collection made for urban adventurers and outback trekkers.



Loyal's premier family, showcasing the brands expertise and experience in watchmaking. Heavy construction for durability is maintained in a robust yet sleek design with focused detailing on each component. The highest quality execution between luxury and sport, and the pinnacle of Loyal timepieces.



Academy, is a fast moving, vibrant fashion category. Modern trends and unique components are incorporated to its aesthetics, offering a one of a kind piece to maximise your experience. All new design elements are investigated to capitalise on the latest trends as fast as possible. Fashion is moving fast, and so does Academy with limited runs in each release.



Enigma represents the premium Loyal dress watch for both men and women. Focuses on everlasting style and elegance while cultivating wearability and comfort in less testing environments. Attention to detail is key for Enigma and is a testament to the refined Lady or Gentleman who wears it.



The definition of traditional and timeless designs for both men and women. Whether it’s the craftmanship, the tradition it represents or the technology, the Classic collection tells more than time – it tells who are you.



Scuba, Loyal's most popular and longest serving collection. The Scuba offer some of the most advanced technology in construction for water resistance at the most competitive prices, ranging from 100m to 2000m. Durability is undeniable for one of the toughest watches in the range, and Australia.


Pocket Watch

A timeless and sophisticated accessory, perfect for formal occasions such as weddings and balls. The pocket watch also makes an ideal sentimental gift engraved to someone special.


Warranty & Repairs

Our timepieces are made according to the high quality standards. Nonetheless, your watch is covered by our famous 3 tiered warranty. All Loyal products are serviced by our team of precision master watchmakers in our purpose-built in house service centre, or by our trained team of service managers in-store.



1 Year


2 Years


3 Years

Timepiece Care Plan

Protect your investment, all components of the Wallace Bishop Timepiece Care Plans are carried out by our team of precision master watchmakers in our purpose-built in house service centre, or by our trained team of service managers in-store.


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